About us

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

We’re a family of four – Tina (me), my husband Ralph, Alexander (12) and Eoin (9). We live in Brisbane, Australia. I’m Greek-Australian, Ralph’s from Ireland, and the kids are confused.

We use this blog to document our travels. Despite living in Australia, which is far away from everything, we’ve been lucky enough over the years to have had a few trips overseas: Bali, Malaysia, and Barcelona being some of the bigger ones.

Two years ago, in March ’15, we decided to hit the road for 18 months or so and see a bit of Europe. We started with a month in Vienna. Then we had six days in Budapest. After that we went to Koukla House (yes, the patron house of this blog) in Zakynthos, Greece, for the summer, followed by a few days in Berlin and two weeks in Poland, before ending up in Ireland in August, where we stayed with Ralph’s Mum, while he worked and I did a course in web development and multimedia.

Of course, our travels didn’t just stop then. At Christmas we went to Brussels, and we spent New Year’s (or Viejanoche as they say there) in Seville. At Easter we went for a short break to the Midi, to the spectacular Gorges du Tarn region, followed shortly afterwards by a trip to London.

We got back to Brisbane in October last year, and immediately decided to go away again. We’re not sure where we’ll go this time, but it’s looking like a road trip around south Australia. In the meantime, friends of ours who own a boat in Mooloolaba have gone away to Antarctica, or somewhere ridiculous like that, and left us in charge of the boat. Even though we don’t sail anywhere in it, its still feels like being on holiday when we go up and stay there.

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