St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

This year’s parade was our first St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in Dublin. Of course, having grown up here, I’ve been to my fair share of Dublin parades, but not for a long time. Not for twenty years or so.

Parnell Square
Looking up the east side of Parnell Square towards the Abbey Presbyterian Church. Well, I am. He’s looking down O’Connell Street. It’s that visual contrajuxtaposition that makes this picture work.

They throw a decent parade in Brisbane and we’ve been to a few of those over the years, though I fear that the Irish Club on Elizabeth St. won’t be there when we get back. So going to the parade here had long been on our agenda, and we weren’t going to miss it come rain or shine. Came shine, mercifully, and on the Thursday morning we drove into town and parked in a street of unsalubrious aspect between Mountjoy Square and North Circular Road.

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Mid-winter in Dublin


The holiday season is well and truly over and we’ve all settled back into our Dublin routines: the boys in school, myself in college and Ralph working in town.  We’re still on a bit of a high after our wonderful tour around Portugal and Spain over New Year’s.  If you’re not from Australia or New Zealand you’ll find it hard to appreciate our amazement and delight that when living in Europe you can fly, or drive, and be in another country IN A COUPLE OF HOURS!  Endlessly amazing.

Dublin has been having a pretty mild winter, though quite stormy.  December was one storm after another and constant, dreary rain.  January has been a bit colder, but with some fine days (or parts of days) and the storms not quite so regular.  The boys are still hoping for some snow but so far there’s been just a little smattering on the Dublin mountains which disappeared in a day or two.

Dublin, itself, hasn’t been too much of a culture change for us. We are halfway through our planned stay here and settled in fairly nicely.  Like in Brisbane, we’re living in a house in the suburbs so I thought I’d do a light hearted comparison between the two. Continue reading

Back in Dublin Town

Well, after being on the road for the last three weeks we are now settling into our new home in Dublin.  The plan is to stay here for a school year while the kids attend school and Ralph finds a job.  Ideally I’d like a job too but the librarian job market here is almost non-existent so instead it looks like I’ll be doing some postgraduate study at Trinity College instead.

Since leaving Zakynthos (sob) we’ve traveled to Berlin and northern Poland (Pomerania) and hopefully soon there will be some more detailed blogs to follow.  But just now we’re concentrating on all those mundane things like getting the internet connect, bank accounts, getting the kids ready for school and starting the job hunt.