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Easter in Zakynthos

The book about Zakynthos is coming along nicely, if slowly. I'm up to 12,500 words. That's still much less than I wrote for my Malaysia Diary, though. However, following advice I got on the Google+ Travel Writers community, I've downloaded Scrivener, a program specifically designed to help you write a book. I wasn't convinced that Word was the answer, nor Google Docs, which… Continue reading Easter in Zakynthos

The Writing Project · Zakynthos

Athens to Zakynthos, via the Peloponnese

We arrived in Zakynthos by the front door, at the beginning of April, the end of orange season. To fly in, as we sometimes do, is to skulk in through the servants' entrance. We sailed into Zakynthos harbour this time like pirates, boots up on the gunwale, telescopes out. We’d flown into Greece the night… Continue reading Athens to Zakynthos, via the Peloponnese

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Book Review: ‘Blue Skies and Black Olives’

I recently read a book called 'Blue Skies and Black Olives' about a house in Greece a couple of guys built. A father and son. No less a figure than John Humphrys from TV, and his son! The most interesting thing about the book for me was that it was mainly written by a person who… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Blue Skies and Black Olives’