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Paddy Leigh Fermor’s Trilogy

I must confess to a bit of an obsession with Paddy Leigh Fermor. You know that hypothetical game - "Which historical figure/famous person would you most like to meet?"  Well, my answer would be Paddy. Writer, adventurer, war hero, and traveller, he combined intelligence with charm and curiosity. I only really heard of him about… Continue reading Paddy Leigh Fermor’s Trilogy

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Book Review: ‘Blue Skies and Black Olives’

I recently read a book called 'Blue Skies and Black Olives' about a house in Greece a couple of guys built. A father and son. No less a figure than John Humphrys from TV, and his son! The most interesting thing about the book for me was that it was mainly written by a person who… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Blue Skies and Black Olives’

Book Review

Book Review: “Things Can Only Get Feta” by Marjory McGinn

As part of our preparation we're trying to read as many travel books as we can about Greece.  The most recent one that I've finished is "Things can only get feta"  by Marjory McGinn.  This is the story of two Scottish journalists, Marjory and Jim, who, together with their dog, leave the bad weather and… Continue reading Book Review: “Things Can Only Get Feta” by Marjory McGinn