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‘On a Greek Island’ is now available on

Finally, after four months on Zakynthos, and a month and a half off it, 'On a Greek Island: A Season in Zakynthos' is available as an ebook on It's quite a thing to see it there after all these months. What started as an idea back in Brisbane about a year ago and got… Continue reading ‘On a Greek Island’ is now available on

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Zante’s French connection

Of all the nationalities I could have been if I wasn’t Irish, French would have suited me best. That has nothing to do with my French-sounding surname, which actually comes from a far-flung corner of county Mayo on the west coast of Ireland, but rather from the affinity I've pretentiously felt with the language and… Continue reading Zante’s French connection

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Walking the sage-scented hills of Marathiá, Zakynthos

After dropping one pair of Aussies off (Alexander and Eoin, at school), we proceeded to the crossroads at Lithakiá to pick up another. Louise, who runs the Zakynthian tradition, food and culture facebook group, and her sister Julie, had arranged to meet us there and come walk the Marathiá coastal trail with us this fine May morning. In fact, it'll soon… Continue reading Walking the sage-scented hills of Marathiá, Zakynthos

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A Morning Walk around Kalamáki

We parked on the edge of Kalamáki near the beachfront hotel that probably wouldn’t get planning permission anymore, and walked around it to get to Crystal Beach. Had the hotel taken its name from the beach, or vice versa? With the sun right in our faces, we tramped along the sand, appreciating the fact that there wasn’t… Continue reading A Morning Walk around Kalamáki

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Easter in Zakynthos

The book about Zakynthos is coming along nicely, if slowly. I'm up to 12,500 words. That's still much less than I wrote for my Malaysia Diary, though. However, following advice I got on the Google+ Travel Writers community, I've downloaded Scrivener, a program specifically designed to help you write a book. I wasn't convinced that Word was the answer, nor Google Docs, which… Continue reading Easter in Zakynthos