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On the good ship Gráinne Mhaol

The Mooloolah river flows into the Coral Sea just south of the seaside town of Mooloolaba. In its final half kilometre it wraps around a spit, enveloping the boats anchored in Mooloolaba Marina that stick out into it on hundred-metre-long arms. On arm C of the Marina is a thirty-five-or-so foot yacht called the Gráinne… Continue reading On the good ship Gráinne Mhaol


The end of a long road

It’s nearly time to leave Zákynthos. Our year-and-a-half-long odyssey to Europe is nigh-on over. What a time we’ve had! And yes, I can feel another book about Zákynthos, or better, about the whole trip, coming on. View of Ναύαγιο When we got back here, after leaving Ireland, and spending six weeks in France and Italy, people… Continue reading The end of a long road


From Dublin to Nîmes

This guy got up from his seat two rows behind us on the Toulouse-Nîmes TGV to have a go at the family in the four-seater space opposite us, whose kids were - fair enough - being a bit noisy, albeit harmlessly so, I felt, since they looked like nice people, and you could tell the kids were smart, and while naturally I couldn't catch everything… Continue reading From Dublin to Nîmes


A little piece of Greece in Bloomsbury

Our travels took us to London this past weekend, and to a part of town we weren't at all familiar with: Angel. Sandwiched between the City Road and Regent's Canal, our Airbnb place at Theseus Place took us along the calm waters of the canal with its colourfully inhabited barges each time we came and went to Angel tube… Continue reading A little piece of Greece in Bloomsbury

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The road to the sunny south-east

We’re on a mission to see more of Ireland, to go to the sorts of places, which, if we ever thought about at all when last we lived here over ten years ago, we would have dismissed as the sorts of places tourists went to. Places with castles and visitor centres, or interpretive centres, whatever they're called. Back then the new Ireland we… Continue reading The road to the sunny south-east

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There are castles everywhere in Portugal

Two days after Christmas we flew to Lisbon. Not that we particularly needed a break or anything, having spent the previous weekend in Connemara, and the one before that in Brussels, it's just that Tina and I talked ourselves into it one evening watching TV, neither of us dared back down, and next thing I… Continue reading There are castles everywhere in Portugal

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A Christmas trip to Brussels, part deux

We went to Brussels for the weekend recently, but I only got as far as Saturday lunchtime in part 1. The Atomium was the main pavilion of the Brussels World Fair of 1958 up on the Heysel plateau, a space-age icon that outlasted everything else. I’d been to it before, on one or other of my… Continue reading A Christmas trip to Brussels, part deux