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Beach Boys

It was off to the beach today. I hadn’t really done anything special with the boys over the school holidays (I’m still working) so I though I’d get in a day trip before school started back on Monday.

So together with the Grandparents we headed off to Broadbeach.

First stop was the awesome kids playground. Crowded (due to its awesomeness) and LOUD as usual.

Looking south from Broadbeach

Escape to the beach where the only noise was the surf and seagulls.

Alex braved the wintery water and had fun jumping the waves. He was on his own as none of the rest of us were brave enough to keep him company.

Eoin sensibly stayed on dry land.

We don’t often get to the beach in winter but today was wonderful. Sure, it was a bit too cold to go swimming but the plus side was that you could sit in the sun and play in the sand for hours without it being unbearably hot and constantly worrying about getting burnt. I love being able to enjoy the winter sunshine rather than having to scurry for cover in the summer.

But most of all, I love seeing the boys running around on the beach, healthy and happy.