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Furniture Painting

When we moved into our house we found this old pine buffet in the shed. I must admit that I didn’t give it much thought at first except as a place to store the gardening tools.

excuse the horrible photo..

But I was soon inspired by all the wonderfully talented bloggers out there, especially by Paint Me White. I figured I had nothing to lose but the cost of the paint and (quite) a few hours.
So here is the finished result. I left the original handles on except for the drawers which needed replacing. I painted it ‘Chalk Blue’ by Dulux.

Its new home in the dining room

I’m quite happy with the way it turned out even though my painting left a bit to be desired. I was going to leave the interior display in its natural pine but now I’m having second thoughts. It makes the interior very dark so I was thinking maybe just paint it white.

 Or should I be very daring and paint it a contrasting colour? Any suggestions?

Fabric depicting Kinkakuji temple from Kyoto


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