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Lost World Weekend


I promised to reveal the most beautiful countryside in south east Qld and here it is:  The Lost World Valley.  Even the name is wonderful.  It perfectly describes how you feel when you arrive at Worendo cottages: removed from the real world as time slows down.

We stayed in the Wild Lime cottage which is down a steep driveway from the main house.  From Wild Lime you feel totally secluded.  No houses or roads in sight, just rolling green hills and beyond the big, green mountains.  No mobile phone or tv reception (though there is a tv with dvd player).

Last time we’d stayed here it was bright and sunny and the countryside felt cheerful. This weekend however the skies were overcast and the mountains dark and forbidding.

R teaching the boys manly stuff – lighting a fire… grrrr

We lit the fire and spent the days reading on the window seat and playing Scrabble, occassionally venturing out for a windy walk.

The boys also got to go horseriding for the first time at a neighbouring farm.  They both loved it and want to go again.  Shame it’s such an expensive hobby!

Alex on Arrow
Eoin on Tiffany

There was also feeding the chickens and petting the lambs.  There is a flock of black sheep that wander around the property, including around the cottage.  Sure to delight any child.

I’d bought the boys the dvd of the children’s classic “The Secret Garden” to watch while we were away.  It’s ‘G’ rated so I thought it’d be fine for them, but they were both in tears by the end.  In a way I was glad that they could be so moved by such a simple film (no animation, fight scenes, superheroes or other boy stuff), though of course I didn’t like to see them upset.  It just goes to prove the power of a good story.

So it was a wonderful weekend and we hope to go back again next year.

The only bad point was the trip to the doctors today to get a tick removed from Eoin’s tummy – ouch.  Note to self:  remember not to take the kids walking through long grass in the countryside!


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