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Wintery days

Well, winter has definitely arrived in Brisbane. Cold nights and chilly, windy days have got us all scrambling to find our scarves and jackets.
My slippers fell to bits yesterday and they were only two months old. I suspect the fact they were only $8 had something to do with it. I couldn’t resist this pair yesterday.

Expensive but at least they’ll last a season (and how can you resist leopard print slippers?)

Our new house also has the world’s ugliest gas heater that I’ve had covered up with a beautiful hand woven fabric since we’ve moved in. But I must say the weather has suddenly made it a lot more attractive and is keeping me toasty warm at night. I think we’ll hold onto it and maybe in a few years we can upgrade it to one of those gas fireplaces.

It’s a long weekend this weekend and we’re off for our annual weekend in the countryside. We’re staying in the most beautiful spot in SE Qld (seriously) and I’ll share some photos when we get back. It’s totally secluded – no mobile or tv reception, no neighbours and the nearest shops are 30 mins away at Beaudesert – forced relaxation!

 This is a photo from our last visit there exactly two years ago.  I find it hard to cope with how quickly the boys are growing