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Books: Katie Ridder and Ben Pentreath

I’ve just spent a delightful couple of days reading ‘Rooms’ by Katie Ridder. That girl certainly isn’t afraid of making a statement. I did find some of her rooms overwhelming but her combination of colours and patterns are undeniably boldly brilliant.
Here are a few of my favourite rooms.

I particularly love her kitchens.  She is a woman after my own heart, white cabinets, white marble benchtops, french cafe chairs …. perfection.

I love the tiles in this one

In other exciting news one of my favourite bloggers, Ben Pentreath is releasing his book ‘English Decoration’ in September. You can preorder signed copies here.

Ben leads a charmed life in London running a design shop and consultancy. On weekends he escapes to his home in Dorset that is when he’s not working with clients in Scottish castles or houses in Moscow! Yes, I admit that I’m living vicariously through his blog. A highlight is his wonderful photography and the way he finds beauty even in the small or mundane.

Happy reading everyone.