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Boys beds

I’ve started giving some thought to new beds for the boys. Eoin is really overdue an upgrade from his toddler bed as he barely fits in. But as usual while there are many lovely styles for girls the selection is a bit more limited for boys. I was thinking of getting something in white like this “Drover” bed from Snooze..

But then I found this gorgeous “Oscar” bed by Incy Interiors over at My First Room. I love it! It’s gorgeous and whimsical. It’s also a lot more expensive than the other bed …  I think I have to head over to Bulimba tomorrow to check it out in the flesh.

Here’s a question though: what colour walls would suit? I was going to go blue/green shade and of course with a white bed any shade would suit (we have timber floors).

But what shade would suit the dark brown bed frame?
I’m home alone with the boys this weekend as R is at a conference down in Melbourne.  I dragged the poor boys to the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre but they discovered a Pac Man games table so they were happy and I actually got to browse!

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  1. I think blue and brown go really well together, as you've chosen. I really like the last blue, just a hint of yellow in the mix there somewhere giving it that grey tone..Very handsome for a boys room! x


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