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Missing the northern spring

For those of you who don’t know, from 1998 – 2003 I lived in Europe. Mainly in Ireland but also in England and Greece. There are many things I miss about living in Europe and here are a few:

1. The seasons especially spring and autumn.

Photos by Ben Pentreath

 The thrill of the first daffodils after a long dark winter, the blossoming coconut scented gorse, the carpet of bluebells and bright green buds on trees. The spindly legged ponies and black-nosed lambs.

 And in autumn, the wonderful colours as the leaves turned.

I’ve been seeing these wonderful photos of spring lately. Some gorgeous ones from my sister-in-law Debbie Watkins, on the west coast of Ireland and these from blogger Ben Pentreath in England.

Photo by Debbie Watkins

2. Cobbled streets – even though they are lethal in heels, town squares and piazzas. History at every turn.

3. Getting on a plane for two hours and emerging somewhere completely different. Different landscape, food, language, architecture.

Had dinner here December 2009!     image from Skycraper City

4. Cosy pubs with open fires.

We”ll hopefully make it over next year but in the meantime I’m yearning for a northern spring…


One thought on “Missing the northern spring

  1. Thanks for the mention Ti! I love this post and I've never really thought about not having the Seasons so defined as they are here (except for Summer!) Spring is my favourite because it is so welcome after the long Winter and because it comes all at once in all its forms – colour, warmth and scent.


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