Antique (window) shopping

Yesterday I had a whole 5 hours to myself. No kids, no husband. Just me. And now that Eoin is in Kindy I’ll have 5 hours to myself every second Wednesday. I’m revelling in the possibilities.

Yesterday I decided to indulge in some antique shopping. Well, technically window shopping as I didn’t buy anything – yet.

I headed to Wallrocks Antiques where the lovely and very patient Jessica showed this antique newbie around. They’d just received a new container of goodies so the showroom was a jumbled, musty, treasure trove.

Due to budgetary constraints I was only looking at small tables and there were some beauties.

I loved this 19th century French walnut jardienere. Jessica suggested a marble top which I think would look wonderful.

The other table I really coveted was this Louis XV occasional table. The carving detail was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately a bit out of my league.