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Bali Blues

I suppose you’ve all heard about Air Australia. Well, we were some of the unlucky customers. We’d booked flights for a family holiday with friends to Bali in September to celebrate my birthday. I’ve been talking to the credit card company and hopefully we’ll get some of our money back either through them or our travel insurance. But in the meantime we are out of pocket a few grand and now have to book new tickets. That are much more expensive. So do I hold my nerve and wait for a special or just bite the bullet and book now?

To contribute to my bad morning I went to the Magnolia Interiors sale and the inlay telephone table I longed for had just been sold. Devastated…. I knew exactly where I wanted to put it – at the top of the steps with a plant on it.

On a brighter note I took the boys to get their hair cut. Can you guess which one is the joker?

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