Table fixation

Don’t know if I’d actually get any work done sitting here – I’d be too busy admiring the craftmanship

I have developed an overwhelming need to buy an inlay table.  The craftmanship on them is exquisite and I read that it takes 3 weeks to make one with all the bone/mother of pearl inlays being carved by hand,  mainly in India.  As India is getting more prosperous and wages are rising I figure that if I don’t get one now, soon they’ll be so expensive I’ll never be able to afford one.  Convincing argument?  Works for me…

Perfect lamp table
These also come in pink!

2 thoughts on “Table fixation

  1. That's an interesting idea about the cost of inlay tables rising. Maybe you'll need to go on a “research” trip to India to investigate this premise! I like all three but I think the top on gets my vote. However that might just be bexause I've been melbournified. It's that clear chair you see. They are all so revoltingly stylish down here in their apartments and that chair is a feature everywhere!


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