The plan is to redecorate our ‘new’ old house.  Well, not that old by anyone else’s standards but oldish for the Brisbane suburbs.  We moved in last September but what with redecorating the granny flat, christmas etc  we never managed to get a start on our own space.  I should clarify the ‘we’ into ‘I’.  My husband, R,  is blessedly unaware of his surroundings but patiently puts up with all of my madcap schemes.

Koukla Beach on Zakynthos

I want to make our house into a ‘Koukla’.  This is a word that has a special meaning for our family.  In greek it literally means ‘doll’ but is used colloquially to mean ‘pretty girl’ or for a ‘pretty thing’.  It’s also the name of the seaside hamlet where my parents have a house on the greek island of Zakynthos.  We even named our new kitten ‘Koukla’.  So my goal is to make our new house into a pretty home – a Koukla.

Koukla the kitten, chosen to coordinate with the rug.